Starbucks Partner Hours Login – Sbux Portal Link

Starbucks Partner Hours employee self-service system is designed for Starbucks corporate, retail partners, licensed stores, or vendors. To access your profile, visit the Sbux SAS level-3 secure login page and provide your accurate, truthful global username, network ID, or email address.

The Starbucks partner portal is safe; It takes responsibility for all activities under your account and accepts all risks of unauthorized access.

This Sbux My Partner Hours portal is designed with lots of technical security to enhance the security level of your account by not sharing your password with others.

As a service, Starbucks facilitates its corporate partners, retail partners, Vendors, and Licensed stores with various online services, such as punching in and out, getting early access to your pay, viewing your schedule, swapping shifts, picking up additional shifts, managing your time off, and staying up to date with the information you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Starbucks partner hours portal is an ESS system launched to view work schedules, request time off, check shifts, payroll information, benefits, and more with a single click.
  • Use your Global Username network ID or email address according to your profile.
  • Contact the enterprise help desk if you have any technical or non-technical issues.

Sbux Partner Hours Login Credentials

  1. Retail Partners: Access the official Starbucks retail partner hours online using your Global Username.
  2. Corporate Partners: If you are a Starbucks corporate partner, please enter your Network ID to access your hours.
  3. Licensed Stores or Vendors: If you are a licensed store or vendor, use your Email Address to access the Starbucks partner portal.

Starbucks Partner Hours Login Steps

New to Starbucks? Did you know Starbucks has an intelligent employee self-service system, especially for its partners? That name is the hours portal.

You will access it daily if you work at Starbucks as a corporate, retail, store, or vendor.

Let me guide you on how to log in to the Starbucks Hours portal:

  • Take any device (computer, laptop, smartphone, or tab).
  • Open any supportable browser, search Sbux partner hours, and click on the top search result. Or go directly to the login page URL, e.g., (
  • Enter your Global username, network ID, or email address according to your profile.
Starbucks Partner Hours
Starbucks Partner Hours
  • Click the Submit button and follow the further instructions on your system screen.
Partner Login PageOfficial Login
Official Website

You can check the login Guide for the Starbucks Partner Hub Portal.

Oops! Access Gateway Sign-Out

Why could this happen? I opened the Partner Hours Starbucks login page, but it got signed out after a while. Why? This error will occur due to inactivity.

When you open the login page but can’t log in due to any reason, the page session will expire after some time.

In this situation, you need to return to the Starbucks partner’s original login URL and try to access your profile.

Starbucks Employees Benefits

  • Health: Medical, dental and vision, life insurance, short and long-term disabilities.
  • Partner and family support: Partner and family sick time, paid parental leave, Lyra mental health benefit, headspace, backup care benefits, vacation, other time off, CUP fund, reimbursement.
  • Education and opportunity: Pathway to admission, Starbucks college achievement plan, Greener Apron.
  • Company perks include food and beverage benefits, coffee gear, commuter benefits, fitness and activities, weekly markets and discounts, giving matches, a Spotify premium subscription, discounts at other retailers, and an elite athlete program.
  • Stock and savings: Financial well-being, bean stock, future roast 401(k) bean stock, SIP.

Having Trouble?

If you have any issues regarding your Starbucks account, the enterprise help desk services are available to you. Look at the contact list and call now for the best solution.

North America18887289411
UK (Non-Retail)080007317884
Farmers Support Centers02071365165
Hong Kong852 5409 3001
Greater China4006287289


When I searched my partner hours login page, I found two login URLs. Are they both official?

Yes, sure, you will find and When you open either of them, you will be redirected to the official login page. So, without any doubt, log in by opening any of them.

Is accessing Partner Hours Starbucks on the public system safe?

Yes, but you need to remember that if you are viewing the Sites on a public computer, you must be sufficiently disconnected and logged off.

What is Starbucks?

Starbucks is an American multinational chain of coffee houses. They were founded in the year 1971. The Starbucks headquarters is in Starbucks Center, Seattle, Washington, U.S. It has over 38038 coffee shops in 84 countries. More than 381000 employees work in Starbucks. read more

How can I find the Starbucks benefits centre calling support number?

If you are a current Starbucks employee, call the 18887289411.

How do I become benefits eligible?

It entirely depends on your role, hours, and location

How many hours must I work at Starbucks to get employee benefits?

Minimum 20 hours per week.


Starbucks is providing the site to its partners. The portal name is Starbucks Partner Hours. This reliable, available, and accurate online website allows you to check hours, work schedules, and other information at any time and anywhere. In this article, I’ve tried to cover all the essential points about the partner hours on the Starbucks portal. For more information, check out the official website.